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Fairbury Cemetery in Fairbury NebraskaFairbury Cemetery in Fairbury NebraskaThe Fairbury Cemetery

For more information contact:
Fairbury Cemetery Association
(402) 729-3263
56924 PWF Rd
Fairbury, NEĀ 68352

The Fairbury Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Jefferson County, with over 15,000 gravesites. The Fairbury Cemetery is located just east of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on the PWF road and sits atop a hill overlooking the beautiful Little Blue River Valley. Large brick gates grace the three entrances, two on the north along the PWF road and one on the west, on 569th Ave. A blacktop road creates a maze-like path throughout the cemetery, allowing visitors to travel the peaceful, rolling landscape past the newest graves on the western and southern edge, to the oldest part of the cemetery, located on the eastern end.

Fairbury Cemetery in Fairbury NebraskaThe Superintendant’s office is located on the south side of the cemetery. The Fairbury Public Library has an alphabetized index book and cemetery map to aid in finding graves.

Each Memorial Day, services are held at the Fairbury Cemetery at the flagpole site near grave of the unknown soldier. Services include a fly over, color guard

presentation and gun salute, the playing of taps, the singing of the national anthem, the raising of the flag, special presentations by the DAR, VFW & Auxiliary, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other service organizations.

Fairbury Cemetery in Fairbury Nebraska

Fairbury Cemetery in Fairbury Nebraska

For more information about the Memorial Day Services, contact:

Veterans Service Officer
Kenneth Dodge
411 4th Street
Fairbury, NE 68352

Office Hours: 8:00am to 3:00pm

Fairbury Cemetery Association

The early founders of the Fairbury Cemetery, with a perspective of the far future in view, selected the large present cemetery site. Under their guidance and their successors, the contour of the prairie was transformed into the beautiful reality of the present.

It is acknowledged to be one of the most attractive cemeteries in Nebraska. It is felt that the sacredness of the Fairbury Cemetery should be preserved in its same beauty and solidity as constitutes its present state. Members of the Cemetery Board have only the welfare and the interest of the cemetery at heart in order to carefully preserve the beauty and the sacredness of a garden of sleep. It has been necessary to adopt a management plan of cooperation towards the perpetuity that its Board of Directors through succeeding generations should always have in view.

Contributions to the Fairbury Cemetery Association are deductible for income, estate, and gift tax purposes. Types of gifts may include:

  • Outright Gifts
    Gifts of cash or securities
  • Special Gifts
    Funds to Support a Specific Area
  • Memorial Gifts
    Honoring Relatives or Friends
  • Deferred Gifts
    Bequests, Trusts or Life Insurance Policies

Your generosity to the Fairbury Cemetery Association helps preserve the beauty and care for the grounds of those who have been placed to rest.

Craig Mahloch, Superintendent

Board Of Directors:
Louis Hanson, Jr.
Nat Covey
Stan Stewart
Charles Endorf
Kent Preston
Jenny Mees

Fairbury Cemetery Needs Your Help!!!

Founded April, 28, 1873, Fairbury Cemetery is a historic interdenominational cemetery.

The cemetery employs a full-time caretaker with several part-time employees, required to keep the cemetery beautiful.

The Fairbury Cemetery Association cannot financially keep up with the trimming and removals of diseased trees, mowing, building and road maintenance, normal monthly expenses, etc. The Association has relied heavily on interest from it’s perpetual care funds to finance expenses. A large portion of each lot sale is placed into the perpetual care fund. The downturn in the economy and low interest rates for the perpetual care funds has only added to the financial concerns.

The Fairbury Cemetery is a non-profit organization, allowing a gift to the cemetery of cash or securities or a deferred gift of trusts or life insurance, tax deductible. The amount of your tax savings will be dependent upon your gift and tax bracket.

Option 1: Please make your memorials payable to the Fairbury Cemetery Association or part of your memorials. Request at time of your funeral planning.

Option 2: You can list the Fairbury Cemetery Association as a beneficiary to an insurance policy, trust or even gift property.

Option 3: A donor memorial will be placed near the main entrance of the cemetery. The donor memorial will recognize people who have donated to the cemetery. Donations of $500 and above are required to have your name or in memory of a loved one carded on this feature memorial. With your generous donations, we can help keep the Fairbury Cemetery Beautiful and safe for future generations.

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