Annual Trail of Treasures

This event has ended

A large number of Tourism Promoters along Nebraska’s Byway 136 – Heritage Highway are working on the 11 (Eleventh)  Annual Flea Market/Garage Sale event along the byway.  The trade-marked event “Trail of Treasures” is scheduled for September 30, October 1 and 2, 2022.

Nebraska’s Heritage Highway was designated a state scenic byway in 1999 by then Governor Mike Johanns, one of the nine scenic byways in the state of Nebraska.  It is a 238-mile stretch of Nebraska Byway 136 extending from historic Brownville in the east to Edison on the west.  Several “corridor counties” in adjoining communities along Byway 136 will be participating in the event.  The event extends from the Missouri State Line on the East to the Colorado State Line on the West!!!  In other words – Border to Border across Southern Nebraska.

The byway-long flea market garage sale event brings thousands of visitors to the communities along the southeast Nebraska highways in search of the great bargains.  Volunteer coordinators are in the communities that help promote this very large event.  Some communities have a central location that provides information in that particular community. 

The positive impact of this event brings economic opportunities to the communities in the entire region.  The Junk Jaunt along Highway 20 in Nebraska and the Treasure Hunt along Highway 36 in Kansas has created very positive impacts in their regions in each state.

Members of the Byway 136 Heritage Highway Association representing communities, attractions, and events volunteer their time to promote tourism marketing initiatives and events along the byway.    

This event has a big impact on tourism in the region, which is emerging as one of the strongest economic development tools that communities along the Byway can use to bring visitors and new dollars into their communities.

For more information about Nebraska’s Byway 136 Heritage Highway  activities, attractions and programs, you can call or text  Byway President Judy Coe at 402-335-0745 or email [email protected]  or  Trail of Treasures Project Director Bobbie Meints at 402-839-2355 or [email protected],

A big THANK YOU to all the vendors, advertisers and the people participating!

SEE YOU ON THE TRAIL!!!                                  

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