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Confirmed!!! “Timeless” Taybor Miller challenges American Welterweight Champion “Captivating” Alan Lyric in one of the most anticipated rematches in Traditional American Pro Wrestling!!! The Fans of Fairbury have sent their messages and emails, and the American Championship Series has settled on the hometown of Taybor Miller for this exciting bout!
During negotiations, as originally reported, MWA Pro Wrestling bowed out and decided to negotiate directly with Lyrics management team, and offered him a different opponent for Two Harbors, Minnesota next week. The ACS decided that regardless of the results of that match, Taybor Miller is the qualified number one contender, and he WILL wrestle for the Welterweight Championship 9/9/2023, no matter if Lyric retains in Minnesota, or not. If the Title switches hands before 9/9, Miller will get to face whoever it is that has the Championship.
It’s thought by many that Lyric was attempting to avoid facing Miller by taking another opponent, and he’s publicly stated he doesn’t want to defend the title in Fairbury.
Taybor Miller petitioned his friends and fans to message the ACS and TAPW, and it appears the enthusiasm of the community was a huge part of choosing Fairbury, Nebraska.
It’s official! We have a fight!! Lyric v Miller 2!

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