Fairbury Community Foundation


The purposes of the Fairbury Community Foundation, Inc. shall be to promote and serve the needs and aims of philanthropic donors who wish to better the community of Fairbury, Nebraska, now and in the future, and to secure funds necessary to promote the growth of the community.

In 2016, a core group of citizens held a strategic planning session to identify needs within the community of Fairbury. The results of that planning session led to the formation of the Fairbury Community Foundation’s “7 Areas of Emphasis”.

Fairbury Community Foundation’s 7 Areas of Emphasis:

  1. Quality of Life
    • Parks & Outdoor Recreation
    • Young Families/Senior Life
  2. Education
    • Distance Learning
    • Scholarship Programs/Internship Programs
    • Historic Preservation
  3. Entrepreneurship Program
    • Access to Capital – Loans/Grants/incubation
    • Resources/Training
  4. Fairbury Alumni Association
    • Keeping Fairburians connected
  5. The Arts
    • Fairbury Arts Council
    • Bonham Theatre Project
    • Fairbury Concert Association
  6. Community Marketing Program
    • Marketing, Promotion
  7. Economic Development
    • Retail Development
    • Housing Development/Redevelopment
    • Community Development
    • Industrial Development


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