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Westin Packaged Meats, Fairbury Nebraska
Fairbury Community Redevelopment Authority, Nebraska

Westin Packaged Meats, Fairbury NebraskaThe Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) was established by the Fairbury City Council in August of 2011. The purpose of the Fairbury Community Redevelopment Authority is to facilitate the conservation, rehabilitation and promotion of the areas in the City determined to be substandard and blighted in need of redevelopment.

The Authority is a five-member board appointed to serve by the Mayor and City Council and may exercise all of the power and authority granted by State Statutes. The CRA meets each Thursday at 12:00 noon in Council Chambers located at 612 D Street.

Current Authority members are:

Glen Tedrow
Tyler Rosener
Judd Boeckner
Carol Sprunk
Jeff Meyer