JCH&L Home Health Offices Move

Fairbury clinic

JCH&L Home Health offices have moved to what will now be named the JCH&L North Building (the former Fairbury Clinic) at 825 22nd St. The offices were formerly located in Cedarwood assisted living.
JCH&L Home Health provides services for those who need the skilled services of a nurse or therapist. Home health is patient-centered, and goals might include recovery from an illness, healing of wounds, getting a patient back on their feet and moving again, keeping them out of the hospital, or assistance with certain procedures or treatments. JCH&L Home Health offers skilled nursing service; physical, occupational and speech therapy; and bath aide services. If there is a medical need, any or all of these services could be available. Education of the family and caregivers is also an important factor.
“Our goal is for patients and families to gain independence,” said Home Health Director Lori Ohlde, RN.
Home health continues to provide and set up Life Assist USA personal medical alert units. Please call for more information.
Home Health services have expanded over the years, and currently includes a director (who is an RN), two full-time nurses and a full-time aide.
The home health staff is committed to continuing the quality of care and the caring services that JCH&L Home Health offers, and caring for each patient’s individualized needs.
In order to receive home health care, a patient must have a medical need and a physician’s order. Home health care may be ordered by any physician. Home health may be paid through Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance. For Medicare to approve home health care, the patient must be homebound, not by choice, but by necessity. Other insurance providers might cover certain circumstances where the patient is not homebound, but requires skilled nursing care for a specific period of time. But there must always be a medical need.
The agency is Medicare and Medicaid certified in Nebraska, and focuses primarily on patients who live in Jefferson County or near Jefferson County.
For more information on home health services, contact JCH&L Home Health at (402) 729-6857.

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