New CT Scanner Improves Close-To-Home Care Options For Rural Nebraska Families

Jefferson Community Health & Life (JCH&L) is dedicated to providing local residents with unmatched quality and service. Recent evidence of this commitment comes from the new computed tomography (CT) system in the radiology department, replacing a previous system that was nearly 15 years old.
The radiology team is installing the SOMATOM go.Up CT system from Siemens Healthineers, bringing a new level of diagnostic confidence to CT exams. The CT scanner has a number of benefits that made it the ideal choice for JCH&L staff, who were looking to improve the quality of care and provide a comfortable, comprehensive radiology experience.
“The main thing we look at when evaluating our diagnostic tools is trust,” said Nikole Marschman, radiology director at JCH&L. “Our patients trust us with their health, and that means we have to be able to trust our imaging systems to provide not just an accurate image, but a great patient experience. The SOMATOM go.Up CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers checks off all the boxes, and we believe it’s the right choice for the overall wellbeing of families in our community.”
The CT system provides a number of benefits for physicians and patients.
•Low-dose – Patients can count on a low radiation dose that emphasizes safety.
•Clinical capabilities – In addition to standard CT procedures, the SOMATOM go.Up CT enables fast and efficient angiographic, abdominal and neurological imaging examinations in a relaxed environment comfortable for patients of multiple body types.
•Image quality – The new system delivers up to 64 reconstructed slices allowing for fast scanning, short breath holds and few motion artifacts—which help to improve image quality, so doctors can make a more confident diagnosis.
•Mobility – The new technology uses tablet & remote-based operation that can keep JCH&L team members at patients’ sides for longer periods of time than older-model CTs.
In addition to CT services, JCH&L remains committed to providing an exceptional level of care for all other diagnostic exams, including:
•Digital Mammography
•Nuclear Medicine
•Portable Electrocardiography
•Routine X-ray
•Vascular Ultrasound
Residents interested in scheduling their next CT or other radiologic test at Jefferson Community Health & Life can contact their physician for a referral. Physicians can call 402-729-6841 to set up referrals for their patients, and patients can call to learn more about the JCH&L team, new diagnostic offerings and anything else they have questions about.

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