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Red Division CHAMPIONS

Youth Tackle Football, Fairbury Nebraska

Sunday, October 17, Simon Field, Crete Nebraska. The Fairbury Jr. Jeffs take their 5-0 record to face off with the Raiders of Wymore.  No one could have asked for a more beautiful day to play football, fall in the air, not a cloud in the sky, and an occasional light breeze.  It was a perfect day and that is exactly how the Jr. Jeffs finished their season, perfect.  Not every play was perfect, not every player was perfect, but as a team, the 2010 Fairbury Jr. Jeffs were perfect.

Having seen each other earlier in the season, both teams were well prepared to stop their opponent’s strengths and tried to take advantage of the other’s weaknesses. Unfortunately for Wymore, the Jr. Jeffs didn’t have a weakness in this game.  Cayman DeBoer lead the way on the first drive of the day, scoring the first 6 points.  Receiver, Tanner Novotny, would have made Nebraska Coach Ron Brown proud with his outside blocking.  Key blocks by the entire team escorted C. DeBoer all day as he led all rushers with 66 yards.  Other rushers for the Jr. Jeffs included Antonio Kappelmann, Dalton Meyer, Adam Wasserman, Kellen Parrack and Ryan Arnold.  All year these runners were very appreciative of their front line which was lead by 6th graders, Jerod Hughes and Paul Mach.

The first quarter ended with score 6-0 but two TD’s in the second brought the first half score to 20-0.  Blake Bauer sent one of his famous TD passes to Jacob Johnson who was waiting in the corner of the end zone and C. DeBoer returned an interception 42 yards to the north goal for the pick 6.   Wasserman completed one pass for the 2 point conversion to C. DeBoer.  The final score; Fairbury 20, Wymore 0.

As the Final score indicated, the Jr. Jeff defense was relentless.  Sixth grader Damian Green led all tacklers with an amazing 11 tackles and two fumble recoveries.  Zach Holes was not far behind with 9 tackles and 3 fumble recoveries.  Not to be out done, Wasserman had 9 tackles and caused 3 fumbles.  For the year, the Jr. Jeffs out scored their opponents 204 – 30!  Even Carl Pelini would be impressed with this defense.

All year the 6th grade leadership of Kappelmann, Green, Novotny, Mach, Bauer, Meyer, Kadin Davis, Anthony Moyer, and Keden Boeve kept the boys focused at practice and during the games.  Team leadership cannot be over emphasized.  Head Coach Bob Hinrichs commented, “This was a fine group of young men who played as a team and focused on doing whatever it took to get the job done.  We had a lot of weapons… great adjustments were made as teams focused in stopping what worked for us in previous weeks, but players were unselfish and had one goal in mind… I can’t say enough about the time, effort, and enthusiasm that the team showed this year.  The 6th graders will be greatly missed but our younger players showed that they are ready to fill in the missing pieces.  The season was defiantly a team effort. “  To assure the boys always remembered the ‘ team’ state of mind, after each practice or game Coach would ask, “who’s the most important person on this team?” and the team would respond, “I AM”.  At first this may sound self centered but when every boy knows that everyone is important, a team is formed.  This is true for sports and in life.  To prove this point, prior to the championship game, starting QB Blake Bauer was heard saying,”I just want us to be ahead enough so everyone gets to play”.

I feel the entire town should be proud of this team and congratulate them for their efforts and accomplishments.  I would also like to thank the Fairbury Journal News for allowing me to write this overly biased article every week so the parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends can relate to the kids and know how hard these young men work and play.  This concludes the Fairbury Youth Tackle Football season. The board of directors want to thank all of the parents and volunteers who made the season a great experience for all of the boys involved.

Submitted article by Jeff Johnson V.P. FYTF

Author: lena


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