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Scotty’s Pop Stop Fulfills Dream For Owner

Scottys Pop Stop Fulfills Dream For Owner, Fairbury Nebraska

Scottys Pop Stop Fulfills Dream For Owner, Fairbury NebraskaBy Nathan Heuer

FAIRBURY – Through the career academy at Region V Services in Fairbury, Scott Michalak has found his niche.

The Hebron resident successfully started his own business, Scotty’s Pop Stop, two years ago by acquiring a pop machine, which soon expanded to two.

“Scott wanted a job in the community so we decided we would talk to him about maybe opening up his own business,” Region V Services employment consultant Lori Svanda said. “He actually started with a machine that didn’t cost him a whole lot of money and so that’s kind of how it started out. Then he was able to save money to buy a really nice machine. From there he bought a second machine.”

Michalak has his goals set high moving forward with his business. With income flow coming in by way of both machine’s, he hopes to soon acquire more machines to put in various locations in either Hebron or Fairbury.

“In the future I want to have more pop machines and open up my own business,” Michalak said. “If I had
five new places to put them, I would be on top of it.”

His two pop machine’s current locations are at the Region V Services unemployment training center building in Fairbury and the Stastny Center in Hebron.

The variety of pop served in his machines crosses the soda spectrum ranging from Coke to Pepsi products for 12 ounce cans at the cost of 60 cents per can.

Michalak keeps himself busy by restocking his machine in Fairbury every Wednesday and selling pop at
the Region V Services in Hebron.

Scottys Pop Stop Fulfills Dream For Owner, Fairbury NebraskaThus far, Svanda said Michalak has been flourishing at his business venture thus far and she believes he is on a good track to grow his company in the future.

Michalak attends Coffee Talk every week in Hebron to discuss his plans and hopes with business local business leaders. He also plans to get involved in the community by possibly joining the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and volunteering locally.

If business keeps going well moving forward Michalak said he wouldn’t mind having his own restaurant and bar in Hebron, but as of now, he is satisfied with the business he has.

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